Camp Ed Bear

Three days a year, Camp Ed Bear hosts the oncology and hematology patients at Akron Children’s Hospital and is a chance for kids to just, feel like kids and have pure, relaxing fun.

Held the first weekend in June at Camp Carl in Ravenna, the facility offers beautiful, relaxing scenery as well as a heated pool, a zip line, horseback riding and activities galore. While it’s run by the staff of Akron Children’s Hospital, the entire Friday-Sunday experience is paid for with donations by Project Ed Bear.

The first evening of camp, the children are treated to an ice cream party and are served by many of the oncologist that work at the hospital.  Seeing the children interact with their doctors in a relaxed and enjoyable setting, instead of the clinical one that they are used to is priceless.

On Saturday of camp, the day starts with Pancakes from Chris Cake, a fun tradition where the children “catch” their pancakes that they eat. (yes, it’s as much fun for our adult camp counselors and staff as it is for the children!) Saturday is also filled with activities such as horseback riding, zip lining, photo booth fun, canoeing, crafting, a huge group of blow up jumpers and bounce-houses for all ages, laser tag and everyone’s favorite swimming! The night ends with a dance with music provided by a DJ and a movie playing in another part of camp for anyone that would prefer that.


On the last day, Sunday, the children attend an awards ceremony where every child is recognized.

Because of the support of donors and friends, in 2011 Project Ed Bear presented Akron Children’s Hospital with a $50,000 endowment through their Foundation for Camp Ed Bear. We add to this endowment each year and our goal is to reach $300,000 which will create a self-sustaining fund for Camp Ed Bear.